Monday, 7 October 2013

{Weekend Hike} Dorset Fire Tower

On Saturday we met up with Joanna and Deanna and Isaac Allin (Deanna and James went to high school together) and drove up to Dorset in the Algonquin Highlands for a beautiful fall hike at the Dorset Fire Tower.

From the website (
"The original tower was built in 1922, was 25 metres high (82 feet) and used as a fire lookout tower. The current tower was built in 1967 and is 30 metres high (100 feet)."

We ended up climbing the steep side of the trail first (which thankfully was only about a 10 minute hike), and came out at the top to a spectacular view:

Little did we know that view would be even more spectacular from the top of the tower (of which I seem to have forgotten to take a picture):

It was amazing to be able to see for kilometres in every direction. I believe the sign said something about being able to see around 700 square kilometres around the tower. There were beautiful fall colours everywhere you could see, and the smell of autumn was in the air. Just another small area of God's beautiful creation that we have been blessed to visit!

After we climbed down (both the tower and the hill) we drove south to the Firehouse Restaurant at Kushog Lake where we enjoyed supper. We got back to Lindsay around 10, thoroughly exhausted and content after yet another amazing weekend hike!

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