Monday, 29 December 2014

Pre-Christmas Relaxin' at the Aasman Cottage

Once again this year we enjoyed a few days up at the Aasman cottage with Amber and Nate. This has been a tradition for the past three (four?) years and we love it more every time we go up to South River. We can see why the Aasmans all love spending time up there! They have a beautiful property with lots of nature to enjoy, a beautiful lake, and two warm stoves to keep us toasty in the cottage during wintertime. Thanks so much Aasmans!

Monday, 8 December 2014

{10 Months}

Sorry for the long absence here lately, everyone! It has been a busy month... I've gone back to work full-time and between that and shuttling B back and forth to daycare, it's been go-go-go. We also helped Erin and Jaron move one weekend, which was a lot of fun! (You should go check out their house... no really, she wants guests!) We also celebrated my birthday this past weekend. My parents came up on Saturday and we went out to have some Japanese food, but not without a little drama (ask Mom and Dad... they'll tell you all about my awful neighbours! ;D)

Anyhoo, moving on to the important one here....

Brynn is 10 months old! And those leaps and bounds we were talking about last month... they were bunny hops compared to this month!

She has been moving like crazy. She crawls, walks around the furniture, climbs the stairs, and has recently taken a stab at standing all by herself! She also loves to sit on her haunches while she examines anything and everything closely.

As far as the talking department, Brynn has also learned a few new words. In addition to mama, dada, and byebye, she's added hi and cheese. Despite what you may be thinking, she learned cheese in response to the babysitter taking lots of pictures, not because she eats excessive cheese (or does she? haha... that may also be the case!)

If you've noticed a difference in B's smile lately, it's because she has added three more teeth to the one she had a month ago. Her top front teeth and another bottom one have popped through, making for a very toothy smile that cracks us up every time!

The Brynnasaur is still a very happy baby, even with all these teeth popping through, and we are having so much fun watching her grow. (All you parents with more than one kid are rolling your eyes, but bear with us: we are still new at this and are enjoying every second!) I have a feeling that very soon she'll be leaving babyhood behind and moving on to be a toddler. She is big for her age (22 lbs at 9 months, 29.5 in long!) and with the way she is moving, I'm thinking she'll be walking before long. It makes me sad to think that my baby is almost gone, but I'm pretty excited for the next stage too! And besides... she's getting to the point where she is getting too heavy to carry for long, so walking may not be such a bad deal!

Here are some recent pictures:

Climbing the stairs like a boss
Dad and Brynn cross-country skiing
I love my bike carrier!

The medicine dropper is the only thing she'll chew for teething relief.
She'll crawl around with it like this :)
The little stinker discovered the faucet...
Future musician? And can we talk about that standing? Sheesh.

Ah, that smile.
Keep checking in for more updates... the next month is going to be full of fun activities and I'm planning on busting out the ol' camera once again!