Monday, 30 June 2014

Canada Day Weekend

Brooke colouring the "Invasive Species" colouring page from Uncle James
Jace and Uncle James
Brynn's first meal: applesauce!

loving the freezie- soothing on her teething gums
cousins playing together


A bath in Grandpa and Nana's sink- Brynn is much larger than last time!

We've had a great start to our Canada Day weekend. We spent the last few days with James' family. On Saturday we saw fireworks at Poultryfest in Smithville- Brynn loved them! She watched so intently and didn't flinch even with all the noise. She also ate her first meal of real food. We assume she loved it since she would cry if we didn't get the spoon to her mouth in time.

Hope you are all having a great weekend too!

Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Canadian Canoe Museum and Beavermead Park

 Yesterday we made a little trip into Peterborough to the Canadian Canoe Museum. There was a free Maker's event going on, so we thought it would be worth the half hour drive. I love this museum. It is very well curated- interesting and well set up! Definitely recommended! After a few hours at the museum we went to Beavermead Park. It's a beautiful park on the Trent-Severn with the Trans-Canada Trail running right through it. We are thankful there are so many great places to be outside close to us. With no yard we are constantly looking for places to hang out- and we are happy we found another great spot!

Loved the display on "Canoedling". Especially the part where
 the man paddles and the woman sits with a parasol

Make your own HBC blanket pouches! 
Hand-crafted wool mittens
A view of Little Lake/ Otonabee River from Beavermead Park
Wind in the willows
After a quick dip in the splash pad. She didn't like it one bit! 
Caught this picture just before a spit-up disaster (literally- check out Brynn's mouth!)
James tried to dip Brynn's feet in the lake- she started screaming before she even got close to the water.
Hopefully she'll grow out of hating the water?
Beautiful fields whizzing by on the way home. We love summer!

Friday, 20 June 2014

Just Because I Can't Resist


Even with the drool blob she's cute as a button! I just couldn't resist taking these pictures. Thanks for humouring me, y'all!

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Father's Day

Today was James' first Father's Day! We had a nice relaxing day: church in the morning with a great message about walking with God, and a walk down by the river on the way home. Then this evening we took a little canoe ride down the Scugog- or should I say big canoe ride- it was Brynn's first time out in the canoe! It was the best weather for canoeing- sunny and warm with a little breeze. Brynn seemed to enjoy the ride, especially since she had a lovely lifejacket to chew on :). She got a bit fussy part way through, but it was nothing a little snack on a dock, a rattle, and some singing couldn't fix! We had a great time and will definitely be taking her out again!

snuggled in the bow of the canoe
paddlin' down the Scugog

she needed a pep talk to stay happy :)

"Happy first Father's Day, Dad!"...
... or not?!
'Twas a good Father's Day.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

{Hike} Carden Alvar Nature Area

Today we took a drive up into the north part of Kawartha Lakes to check out the Carden Alvar Nature Area. An alvar is basically a limestone plain with very little topsoil, creating an area that is mostly grassland or covered with lichens and moss. The area was very different from a lot of what we are used to in Ontario, and we enjoyed the hike very much. We saw 3 or 4 Osprey, one (endangered!) Loggerhead Shrike, and lots of wildflowers, including Indian paintbrush and Prairie smoke. It was a beautiful day and we are glad we spent our time outdoors!

Indian Paintbrush

Prairie Smoke