Sunday, 15 June 2014

Father's Day

Today was James' first Father's Day! We had a nice relaxing day: church in the morning with a great message about walking with God, and a walk down by the river on the way home. Then this evening we took a little canoe ride down the Scugog- or should I say big canoe ride- it was Brynn's first time out in the canoe! It was the best weather for canoeing- sunny and warm with a little breeze. Brynn seemed to enjoy the ride, especially since she had a lovely lifejacket to chew on :). She got a bit fussy part way through, but it was nothing a little snack on a dock, a rattle, and some singing couldn't fix! We had a great time and will definitely be taking her out again!

snuggled in the bow of the canoe
paddlin' down the Scugog

she needed a pep talk to stay happy :)

"Happy first Father's Day, Dad!"...
... or not?!
'Twas a good Father's Day.

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