Monday, 9 June 2014

{Adventures} June

The first week of June is barely over and already we have had a few fun adventures! On Friday Brynn and I went to the Peterborough Zoo with my friend Sandy, her kids Ben and Nelena, and Nelena's friend Avery. This zoo is amazing! It is free (yes, I repeat, FREE) and has a great splash pad and playground for the kids. I would definitely recommend it for kids ages 2-10, and will be going back there for sure when Brynn is a bit older and can enjoy the animals and playground.
Avery and Nelena practising their "Statue of Liberty" pose
watching the animals
Eating lunch by the river
On Saturday James had the opportunity to volunteer with Trout Unlimited, at an educational event in Ajax. The point of the event was to teach people (mainly kids) about Duffins Creek (in Ajax), and how they are working to restore the stream there. James headed up the "Aquatic Bugs" station, where kids could look at the different bugs that live in the water at the creek. Kids could also participate in an obstacle course mimicking the lifecycle of a trout, and have their picture taken with a trout mascot! It was a beautiful day with perfect weather, and we enjoyed being outside.

Duffins Creek
Duffins Creek
The result of a long day outside
All in all, it's been a great start to June. Hopefully we will have more adventures to share very soon!

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