Monday, 9 June 2014

{4 Months}

Another month has passed and our little lady continues to grow longer and stronger every day. If I had a dollar for every time I heard, "Well, she definitely isn't malnourished", I'd be rich! She was weighed at the doctor last week and came in at a nice 15 lbs, 12 ounces. She is very long and people constantly remark about how much older than her age she looks.

This past month Brynn has discovered her feet. She is constantly trying to grab them and loves it when we stuff them in her mouth or smack her face with them (weird, right?). She loves playing with her baby gym and in the exersaucer, and is big enough now to sit in the stroller without her baby seat, although I don't like that too much- I can't see her face! She also goes through bibs like nobody's business- hopefully some teeth pop through soon! Despite this, she is still a happy little girl, continually giving out smiles to every soul she meets.

enjoying her sweet ride

Brynn also enjoyed a few new experiences this past month. She travelled out of country for the first time, to New Hampshire with my whole family, for Grandma and Grandpa's 30th anniversary. She was a champion traveller and was as good as gold for the whole trip!

She also unfortunately had her first hospital experience this past week. Granted, we only went to the hospital because our doctor was on holidays, but we were there nonetheless. We were worried about her having RSV or pneumonia, because I had walking pneumonia this past week. Thankfully, it just turned out to be some nasty congestion, and after a "puffer" tutorial, we were good to go! Although we are still having a few nasty coughing fits, she is on the mend and should be back to normal soon!
still happy as a clam in emerg
Finally, here are her "4 month" pictures. The quality isn't great, but hopefully you can see how much she's grown!

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