Friday, 18 October 2013

{Bits and Pieces} Thanksgiving Weekend

Did anybody else have a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend? We sure did! ...although the 6 hours of driving we did took a bit of a toll on us (and possibly our relationship- thank you Toronto Friday afternoon traffic :D)

Today I'm just going to bombard you with some pictures, rather than words, words, words:

Thanksgiving week pie! This was made before Thanksgiving,
but it was so big we are still working on it- Yum!
The turkey- yes, that's a deep fryer- and yes-
 it might possibly be the best way to eat a turkey!
The pile of turkey...
...devouring the pile of turkey 
Have you ever seen a better anticipatory look on a kids face?
Happy 4th, Brooke!
Blowing out the candles!
23.5 and 39 weeks! Just to clarify: I am not really that big...
 but turkey and potatoes will do things to a girl!
The spread at the Kottelenberg/Hoeksema dinner
21 people (the 2 minis included) enjoying each others' company
True to form, I missed a lot of good picture opportunities on the weekend- I was just having too much fin to pull out the camera! Here are a few more things I am thankful for:

colouring/painting with Brooke
snuggling with Callie in the morning
being blessed with a HUGE garbage of baby clothes from Brad and Carol
a morning hike in Hockley Valley Nature Reserve
watching salmon spawning in the river
Colsen humming to himself on our walk in Island Lake
Hayden's pet caterpillar named "Him"
playing in the leaves with the whole family- including Opa and Oma
getting together with family and friends
When asked for a hug and a kiss, being told (by Hayden), "Nope, you're going home without one today!"

There is so much to be thankful for! Take a minute and thank God for everything He has given you. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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