Wednesday, 23 October 2013

{Bits and Pieces} 25 Weeks

I thought I'd share a few more random pictures from the last few weeks.

First things first: I am officially 25 weeks! That means 15 weeks to go and almost at the 3rd trimester. Baby is still keeping up the frequent kicks and my most recent ultrasound showed everything to be in great working order.

We also bought a stroller a couple weeks ago. We snagged a great deal off of Kijiji! This is the Baby Jogger Elite, and for less than half the price of a new one we basically got a brand new stroller (there was some dust on the tires... that was it. I kid you not). We are in love. We took it to Mom and Dad's for Thanksgiving and took Colsen for a stroll. So easy to handle and manoeuvres like a dream! Can't wait to try our own baby in it!

This past week James participated in a "teepee raising" at school. The teepee at Fleming needed some repairs, so they had a repairman come down from the North to fix it. James had a ton of fun learning how easy it is to put up/take down a teepee! Interesting fact: the door always faces the east so you can greet the morning sun and because most of the weather comes from the west.

We hung up some pictures this past (rainy) Saturday. If you know me, you know this was an amazing feat. Usually I live somewhere for a least a year before getting around to hanging anything on the walls. The group hanging was a particular pain in the bum because of that thermostat- apparently the people who build the house thought it would be a perfect accessory for the middle of the wall.


  1. Those tee-pee's are so neat. We had some First Nations setting Tee-pees up in the soccer field across the road from our house one day this spring too. They go to schools and do guided tours but it's really rather expensive. Something like $600 for the day.
    Looking good with that baby belly! So excited for you.....

  2. Nice job on the pictures. You integrated the thermostat quite nicely. Guess you gave up waiting for me to come and help you :) We will make it there one of these days. I keep bugging Dad. Your birthday is coming up ... good excuse to come I think :)