Sunday, 30 March 2014

Our First Family Foray

So, I lied.

My last post was titled "Who Needs Spring?". I lied. The truth is... I do! I am dying for spring! I am excited for warm weather, sun, and all the good things that come with spring!

So imagine my excitement when today dawned sunny and beautiful and promised temperatures of 8 degrees. I practically jumped for joy! We enjoyed the sun first on our walks to and from church, and then, after lunch, we headed out to Indian Point Provincial Park for our first family hike.

Talk about a gorgeous day! It was warm and bright- perfect for a walk. Although the snow was a bit slushy, we made it just fine down the snowmobile trails at Indian Point.

"Snugli"-ing up to Dad
The snow may look cold, but it's deceiving! Even I was able to walk around without a coat- practically a miracle for me in March!

teaching Brynn to identify trees

Although she may seem uninterested, we are sure that Brynn enjoyed her first hike. It can't have been too bad, considering she slept the whole time!

sleeping away
Balsam Lake
A porcupine sighting! 
Showing Brynn the big sugar maple
Couldn't get enough of this sleeping beauty
 We had such a great time on our first family hike. Can't wait to go back in the summer!

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