Wednesday, 19 March 2014

{Adventures} Parenting

I really wish I had a real adventure to share with you- a trip somewhere exciting or a new food I've tried- but honestly, the only adventure we've been up to lately is parenting.

And let me tell you- what an adventure it has been! Somewhere around the 4 week mark, when Brynn decided not to sleep and I was changing diapers every 5 minutes, I had an epiphany. It sounded something like this: What have I done? 

I seriously reconsidered this whole decision.

For about 10 minutes.

The truth is, although it's been hard, it's been good. My little girl is teaching me many things- I can function with less than 7 hours of sleep. I am pro at changing diapers. I can make her smile! I can do this!

She hasn't been the angel I thought my baby would be (haha, are they ever?), but she is good and beautiful... even when she won't sleep or pees on everything... like this morning, two minutes before we had to leave to visit the midwife!

This tiny newborn is now 10 lbs 7 oz- little chubster!

We've had adventures in our own way though: a trip to visit family in Hamilton, two trips to Vaughan Mills to buy chest waders (yes, twice). And this past weekend, a wonderful baby shower put on by my mom, Erin and Bonnie.

We were so spoiled by everyone who came. Clothes, toys, and necessities like diapers, wipes and medicine were received, and we couldn't be more thankful! I am so grateful for such awesome friends and family to share my parenting adventure with!

We had our most recent adventure today. We visited the Ontario Early Years Centre here in Lindsay. I was not prepared for what that entailed! There were so many people around- parents, children and volunteers. Songs were being sung, crafts being done, snacks being eaten. There was even a separate area for babies so they don't get trampled. I laid Brynn down and she soaked it all in- the sounds and lights. She smiled and cooed- I think this girl will be like her mom- thriving on being around people!

I'm sorry if these adventures aren't up to your speed- hopefully spring will hit soon and we'll have pictures of us basking in the sun and doing more adventurous things!

For now, though, I'm content to have found a refuge from my basement!

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  1. Ash, the Early Years Center was my life saver when the twins were Miss Brynn's age. We went there twice a week. Leah played with all the toddlers,painted, crafted, made me fake dinners in the kitchen center, and I nursed and cuddled the babies. The best thing, my house stayed clean, I enjoyed some adult time in the midst of crazy baby times, I got out(even though it was just the EYC) and the kids had so much fun! Brynn will love it there!!!