Thursday, 21 November 2013

Stuart McLean and the Vinyl Cafe Christmas Tour

Yesterday evening James and I had the chance to get out and celebrate our birthdays and Christmas together. With a baby on the way and both our birthdays and Christmas in a couple of weeks, we decided to lump everything together and celebrate with one big event. And what an event it was!

We started the evening off at Hot Belly Mama's, a Cajun restaurant located deep in the heart of... Peterborough. Although not a very Cajun city, the restaurant did a great job of preparing some awesome Cajun food! James ended up having Cajun pulled pork and I had a Deep-fried Cajun shrimp Po'boy... deee-licious! It was a break from pub food or fast food, so we thoroughly enjoyed it!

After dinner we escaped to the Showplace Academy Theatre and were treated to an evening of stories and music from Stuart McLean and the Good Lovelies. Stuart had us on the edges of our seats laughing right out of the gate! His style and body language when telling stories is just so entertaining! We heard stories of turkey gravy falling off lightbulbs, defibrillator mishaps, non-offensive Christmas pageants and so much more. Unfortunately the lighting was not great for pictures, and my camera batteries decided to bail on me at the last moment.

The way that Mr. McLean could command the audience with a pause or a hand gesture will never cease to amaze me! James and I have always loved listening to the Vinyl Cafe on CBC, and seeing Stuart live gave even great meaning to the stories we've already heard. I definitely recommend going to a show, even if you haven't listened to (or even heard of) The Vinyl Cafe. If you can't go to the show, tune in on Saturday mornings at 9 on your local CBC Radio 2 station (for most of you that's 94.1), and have a listen. You won't be disappointed!

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