Thursday, 18 June 2015

Peterborough Dragon Boat Festival

So I realize that the actual pictures of the dragon boats are teensy-tiny, but we really did have a good time at the Peterborough Dragon Boat Festival last weekend! James competed with the Del Boca Vista Social Club team (invited by a teacher of his), and they came in fourth place! They competed against teams that race competitively, so we were pretty happy with that outcome. Brynn and I had a fantastic time watching and cheering (and playing in the water).

After a hard day's work of paddling, we headed to a team member's house for a BBQ. The above pictures pretty much sum up Brynn's thoughts about the night! She had her first experience in a bouncy castle and loved it so much she put up a great fight getting out :). 

We are happy to have participated in a fantastic event that raises money to support cancer care and the Breast Assessment Centre at the Peterborough Regional Health Centre!

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