Monday, 8 June 2015

{16 Months}

16 months people....

We are looking at new words galore! An inconclusive list would include turtle, froggie, light, tree, stinky, thank you, JJ (her friend at daycare), Grandpa... and the list continues! She is constantly mimicking our words and sounds- she even took a stab at fiffer-feffer-feff, which came out mostly as ff-ff-ff, but we applauded her effort at least!

We saw two new teeth pop through in the last month (her bottom molars- and oy, am I glad they are through!). She has grown like a weed, and now measures 33.5 in and weighs in at 27.5 lbs. She hasn't gained a ton of weight, and is starting to slim out now that she is moving around so much!

 And let's talk a minute about how somewhere during this month our sweet little baby girl found her will and determined to start using it unceasingly, forcefully, energetically, vigorously, vehemently... and all those other synonyms that you can very well imagine would fit here.

The tiger has been released from her cage. Of course, this is said half jokingly (but only half!). Brynn is very quickly learning what she wants and is very good at telling us she wants it- without words. She has learned the art of throwing herself to the ground, screaming, stomping her feet, smacking the wall (yes, on more than one occasion!) and generally wreaking havoc until she receives whatever it is that she wants. That whole "nature vs. nuture" debate- people, it's nature!

Of course, we are much stronger, smarter, and more patient *cough*, and very seldomly give in...

But look at that face! 90% of the time (when she isn't tired or throwing tantrums :D) She is the happiest, friendliest kid on the planet. She is always ready with a "Hi!" for anyone who passes by, and I'm pretty sure her life's goal is to get every person she meets to laugh. She is constantly on the move and loves to dance! If you ask her nicely, she might even bust a move, she's just that good!

We are so in love with our goofy baby. She brings us so much pleasure and even on the bad days we can always find one (or twenty) good reasons to enjoy her! Everywhere we go, we receive comments about how well we are doing as parents, but it's easy to be a good parent when you have a good kid! We constantly thank God for the blessing she is in our lives!

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