Thursday, 8 January 2015

{11 Months}

I was looking at Brynn the other day, and it came to me that I no longer have a "baby". We have a little girl who is millimetres away from being a toddler! She is this close to walking, and is losing a lot of her baby-ish looks (although the cheeks are still in full form :D ). I'm pretty sure she has grown at least 2 inches since last month and she's pushing the 25 pound mark!

The last month was a flurry of activity what with celebrating birthdays, Christmas and New Year's, but man, the Brynnasaur has kept up with a stamina that defies her early age! She was a trooper with all the travelling and was still happy as a clam, even with all the missed naps and late nights.

She's added to her skill repertoire by learning to shake her head yes and no, saying please in sign language, dancing when music comes on, and copycatting like nobody's business. She loves copying any noises she hears... laughing, burping, groaning, etc. (and her cousin's screams during a temper tantrum... we put a stop to that real quick, haha!) She's taken her first steps, I think about 10 at the most, but is feeling pretty timid (or just laid back?) about really getting down to walking. Maybe next month I'll be posting videos of her toddling around on her own two feet! She has discovered the joy of dolls, and is becoming quite attached to the ones she owns... she loves dragging them around by their hair, screaming into their bodies and biting their faces. I think she's going to be a greeeaaat mother when she gets older!

Brynn and James have spent quite a bit of time together this past month because James got 4 weeks off from school (lucky duck). He loves taking Brynn out in the stroller/sled/bike carrier and I think Brynn loves it even more than James! She is always as quiet as a mouse when out in the great outdoors.

We can't get over what a joy it is to watch Brynn grow up! I could leave the temper tantrums she has started to throw (I think the term strong-willed child may be thrown around quite a bit in our very near future) but there are a thousand good things for every one bad. I can't wait to see what the future has in store!

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