Friday, 5 September 2014

Turnip the Beet

We have been having a lot of food adventures around here lately. I can't say that I love cooking, but when there's a baby on the receiving end- let's just say it becomes a lot more fun. And Brynn never disappoints in the food department! She loves food and is quite happy to try just about everything I put in her mouth. She doesn't love every single thing, but she has done pretty well!

Yesterday we decided to try some beets with cloves. I knew that beets could be a recipe for disaster, so I took B outside, stripped her down, and away we went! She was quite enamoured with the beets... until they got cold. Then, nope. I guess cold beet soup just isn't in her future :).

I couldn't resist taking a few pictures...

And she even helps clean herself up!

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