Monday, 8 September 2014

{7 Months}

Brynn has again changed so much in the last month. First thing we've noticed: the girl is a LUG! She keeps getting longer and more solid... maybe she's made of rocks? I've heard that if we kept growing at the rate we do in the first year, we'd be as tall as skyscrapers! Let's be thankful we (and she'll)  low down after a while...

B loves her food... she eats most things with gusto and makes a guttural caveman noise if we aren't giving it to her fast enough. I guess we can be thankful she is a lover of nutrition!

Definitely a lover of nutrition... how many chins is that? 
I've also made the switch from breastfeeding to formula in the last week or so. I am heading back to work once or twice a week and the pumping wasn't going so well, so it just had to be done. I had mixed feelings about it, but apparently Brynn did not. One look at that bottle and she was happy as a clam to never nurse again. She has had no trouble switching over, and to be honest, I think she may have been hungry while nursing and I never knew... I've noticed that her skin is less dry and she is sleeping better. Oops?!?

Month 7 also meant sleep-training. I had made a bad habit of nursing her to sleep (see HERE), so we nipped that in the bud and now she goes down to sleep so easily! It helps us that when she is tired, she turns into what we call the Brynnosaurus... a roaring, clawing, gnawing dinosaur. Thankfully, though, a little food and a lot of sleep gives us back our happy, smiley baby.

A favourite activity lately... picking and eating grass
Speaking of smiley... the girl still has no teeth. To all of you to whom I said, "She'll have teeth any day now" back in June: I take it back. The teething comes and goes... well, mostly goes. We are still impatiently waiting for those teeth to come through. I am sure it will be any day now... (haha!)

Lastly, I want to talk about the goof's personality. She is smart as a whip and makes us laugh every day with her antics. She doesn't miss a beat. She's learned that if she laughs we will most likely laugh too, so she's perfected the fake chortle (she's also tried out the fake cry, but that doesn't get her too far!). She loves her dad and bursts into giggles at the sight of him. She loves playing peekaboo with us and rolling around while we tickle her. She is starting to move quick and can get around by wiggling, rolling and squirming, although no crawling yet!

I can't believe she's seven months old already!

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