Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Oma's 75th Birthday Party

On Saturday we had a birthday party for my Oma Tenhage, who turned 75. It was great to see great- aunts and uncles whom I don't see very often. My Oma is a special (read: awesome) lady who deserves the best! We all had a fantastic time, and we pray that God blesses her with many more years!
Oma is the lovely lady in the cream sweater in the middle of the picture

Of course, I am a horrible person, and didn't actually get a picture with Oma like I wanted to. I did, however, take lots of pictures of the kids playing- especially at the park.
Kendra and her beautiful blues!
Brynn liked her cereal, but it wasn't coming fast enough and it was too runny- hence the tears
Hayden- "I can pump myself!"

"Kids" of all ages enjoying the swings!
My favourite part of the day was watching Brynn and Kendra together. Although they are 7 months apart in age, only 2 inches and 2 pounds separate them. Let's just say my kid is a porker. They were especially adorable on the swings. It was Brynn's first time and she was shrieking with laughter. Look at the pure joy on their faces as they swung in the evening sunlight!

We had a fantastic evening. I love my Oma and am so happy I am able to know her and spend so much time with her! She has always been so much fun and is someone I can trust and talk with. Next time I see her, I vow to get a picture of us together!

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