Thursday, 29 May 2014

Those Moments When

After a day of feeling sick and schedules thrown off, here we were at 10 o'clock with a baby who was giggling and talking away. Apparently, she was feeling better. We wanted to sleep, but she would have none of it. It was time for laughing, said she. All day was crying and fussing, but now, she squawked, was the time to party!

And party, we did. It became one of those moments when you realize sleep just doesn't matter. We played and laughed with our daughter, and had a generally awesome time. Brynn giggled and squeaked and talked to us (no joke! we just couldn't understand yet :D) People, these moments are what make parenting worth it. We will cherish last night for a long time.

But the icing on the cake? She fell asleep at 10:30. Which was good with us. ;)

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