Thursday, 13 February 2014

My First Outing

Today was our first time venturing out after coming home. We didn't do anything very crazy, just a trip to the store to get some bananas and cereal, a haircut for James and a small visit to Tim's. Here is Brynn's "I'm going out" face:

Doesn't she seem so impressed? We got a good laugh out of that one. 

On another note, we had a really great experience at the hairdresser's. Another man was there getting his hair cut and he ended up paying for James' hair cut! The hairdresser told us he loved seeing our new family and wanted to do something kind. How awesome is that? Guess we'll have to pay it forward!

Tomorrow we are getting newborn pictures done (hence the haircut!). We are looking forward to having a professional document all the lovely little parts of Brynn! Can't wait.

Here's one last wonky-eyed picture of Brynn. Her favourite way to look at the world is through one eye. :)

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