Wednesday, 12 February 2014

{Brynn Aspen} Groenwold

Brynn Aspen Groenwold
February 8, 2014
10:52 am
7 lbs 12oz

Our darling baby girl was born on Saturday morning. We are so happy that everything went well, and we can't believe how perfect and amazing she is! Our midwives were amazing and made everything feel as smooth as we could hope for. They were great in helping us adjust to Brynn's arrival. We are already learning so much about her and are starting to forget what life was like before she came!

Brynn Aspen- February 8, 2014
Finally getting to hold her after being gone for a few hours!
Dad enjoying his new daughter
Grandpa K. holding his newest grandchild
Grandma K.- wild horses couldn't keep her away!
Aunt Shae singing to Brynn
Nana G. enjoying Brynn's glances
More pictures?

Grandpa and Nana with Brynn
Erin and Jaron also visited on Sunday with Hayden (who made a teeny-tiny biscuit for Brynn at suppertime :D), but we actually forgot to take pictures with our camera! Hopefully Erin and Jaron got some. Jared and Lawren popped by on their way home from Ottawa, and brought some Big Rig Ale to celebrate with James... I think it might have been his favourite gift! Bonnie and Chris came on Monday and we had a few visitors from our church small group drop in last night. We are so blessed to have visitors to share Brynn with! :) We are excited to see what comes in the next days, weeks, months... etc. Life has changed so much already!

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