Wednesday, 18 December 2013

A Birthday Outing

On Monday, James celebrated his quarter century birthday, and to celebrate we drove over to Peterborough to visit the Canadian Canoe Museum. Since James loves everything outdoors and canoe-related (and is slowly inspiring me to be interested in the same!), this was the perfect way to spend our afternoon!
poem making station

 We were really impressed with the quality of the displays and how interactive and interesting the whole museum experience was. I would even venture to say this museum is one of the best I've been to! It has some great hands-on displays for little kids- and adults- and does a great job of displaying the canoes, promoting outdoor culture and teaching about Canadian history as it relates to canoes!

workshop area- these benches are used to teach students how to carve canoe paddles

A voyageur canoe and all its contents! 
HBC blanket capotes- you can also take a class to learn to make these!

The day turned out to be a blast! We also visited the Whetung Ojibwa Crafts and Art Gallery. The gallery is a fantastic place to check out some native art and possibly get yourself an amazing pair of moccasins! :)

I'm going to leave you with a quote from Bill Mason. He was a famous Canadian outdoorsman who truly loved the outdoors and inspired many people to get out and enjoy it. Hopefully it will inspire you to get out and enjoy God's great creation as well! (Yes, even in the cold...)

A journey by canoe along ancient waterways is a good way to rediscover our lost relationship with the natural world and the Creator who put it together so long ago. - Bill Mason, Path of the Paddle

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