Friday, 13 September 2013

This Week's Update

Hey all! I don't really have anything too interesting to write about this week, but I'll give you a basic recap of the week so you are all caught up:

On Friday we went to one of James' classmate's apartments for dinner. This was so nice. We made a friend! Ha. She is from Nova Scotia and just happened to chat with James at school last week. Since neither knew anyone here, it was a friendship made in heaven! ;) Needless, to say, I believe this friendship will continue to grow. Yes! Friends!

On Sunday after church we went to a park down by the river. After chilling by the water for a bit, we went for a walk. As we were walking James noticed a girl from school setting up some slack lines. Obviously we went to say hi, and James got to try a bit of slacklining. I'm a bit nervous that he will want to keep trying, but if I'm honest, I was dying to get up there too!

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful, other than that I started my new job. At Tim Horton's. Yep. I can't lie though, the three days I worked this week I actually enjoyed quite a bit! Other than sore feet and a bit of a sore back, everything went really well. The girls I worked with are really nice (and helpful) and, all in all, it was an enjoyable experience.

That is all, folks! I'm going to leave you with a song today, because I'm feeling like sharing. This is a summer staple of James' and mine. It conjures up the smell of the woods and the sun on your face. A perfect song to listen to with the windows down on the way to camping. We could all use a bit of that feeling today, I think. Enjoy...

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  1. Sweet job! Mmmmm....Boston Cream donuts here we come! Mmmm