Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Lindsay Ex

This past weekend Bonnie and Chris came up to Lindsay to hang out with us at the Lindsay Exhibition (read: fall fair).

They came up on Friday night, along with Joanna, and we mowed down on pizza and apple crisp and had a jolly old time chatting and hanging out and looking at my baby pictures (embarrassing).

On Saturday morning we woke up to rain (and I mean RAIN), but decided to keep our plans anyway. We hit up the Farmer's Market, where we bought some apples, and the library book sale, where we bought some books, and then Down to Earth, where Chris bought shoes. Very productive.

After lunch at The Pantry Shelf (where we had AMAZING tourtieres and steak and mushroom pies) we met up with Joanna again and headed out to the fair.

Even though it rained pretty much the whole time, we still managed to have an awesome time. We saw cows and horses and goats and chickens... all the typical fair fair, you know? We ate beaver tails and funnel cake and cotton candy, Bon and Jo took a ride on Hang Glider (much to the chagrin of their bellies, I believe), and we watched some cattle/ dairy competitions and a Loggersports demonstration. The rain was slightly miserable, but not detrimental to our activities. We had a great time!

"Come to the Ex next year, y'all!"
So, if it sounds to you like Lindsay is awesome and you should come up here, you should. You are always welcome! Can't wait to show you around!

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